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In a world of change and upheaval, it's the people who can generate their own joy and determination that always come out on top.

If you or your team are feeling a little lost or despondent in your day-to-day life (you already know there is something better out there), then Vibe Up Academy will show you how to find it.

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"a comprehensive framework to guide, develop and support our emotional wellbeing."

In life we prepare ourselves for our working career, studying, learning skill sets, and adapting our cognitive behavior to help problem solve and be creative. We, however, totally fail in preparing our emotional well being to cope with the daily stresses in our working life. Finally, I have found a solution developed by the talented and inspiring wellness coach Andrea Tunjic with her Vibe me Up Academy. Vibe me Up provides a comprehensive framework to guide, develop and support our emotional wellbeing in the work place. Just like any training, the more you commit to the program the better prepared you will be to manage and enjoy your working life; which for any career-driven person consumes a massive part of our lives.

Sarah Mort, Co-Founder + Director of MiHaven


"This is perfectly suitable for the busy working person."

I loved the program as it was something I could implement into my regular work day, without it taking up a lot of my time. This is perfectly suitable for the busy working person. I also loved how I could sit and listen to Andrea’s voice as if she were sitting right beside me coaching me. The activities were fun, informative, short and sweet and I definitely learned some new things about myself and some new “coping mechanisms”. Thanks Andrea!

Morgan Griffiths, Operations Team Leader MiHaven Training


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Vibe Up Academy isn't like your average self-help course filled with short term excitement.

As specialists in science-based positive psychology coaching, we help people build confidence in their natural talents and inner strengths. It’s the true, lasting empowerment that will have you (or your team) feeling optimistic every day.

Ready for a 'can-do' attitude to life? Then we've got the perfect programs for you.

Vibe Me Up


Want to feel more joy and optimism in life?

Then our Vibe Me Up program is for you.

Designed as a transformative course for individuals, you’ll learn:

✓ How to control and use your inner voice for good
✓ How to easily generate energy and purpose (with a big smile each day)
✓ How to create your version of happiness - with a resilient attitude that sees you take on bigger and greater things in your life

It all starts with you. So let’s start now.

Companies / Organisations

Is your team struggling to cope with challenges?

Would you like to build a positive, happy and profitable workforce?

Then our Vibe Up Teams program is for you. From small businesses through to large corporates, we’ll show each of your employees or your managers) how to work together like never before.

Set some new goals and enroll your team today, and let's make the impossible happen.

✓ Help your team develop valuable new ‘soft skills’
✓ Empower your staff to be emotionally healthy and happy
✓ Experience the feeling of having a whole new company – with a team you already know and trust.

Vibe Up Teams
Meet your Executive Coach

Hi, I'm andrea

I'm a trained Empowerment Coach, Leadership Strategist, and Author who had a 25 year career in HR across a wide variety of public and private sector organisations.

While I love seeing organisations develop amazing workplace cultures, what makes me excited is working with individuals - seeing them shine through the use of positive psychology coaching.

I've seen first-hand the incredible difference that a motivated and happy person can do to transform their life. And at Vibe Up Academy, you'll not only get the best practices and methodologies that make a difference – you’ll also get to live them too.

This world needs a LOT more joyful, effective people – and with our courses, you can be one of them.

"...thrive in your personal life and career"

Andrea has a unique set of skills and insights that are invaluable.

She has a special gift in getting to the core of a problem you are having, and helping you not only work out how to deal with it, but also how to put strategies in to play to end the cycle once and for all. If you want to thrive in your personal life and career, she is the secret weapon you want on your side.



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