2021 the Year of Making Me Happier

I love starting the new year by choosing my word for the year ahead.
My 2020 word was “chill”.  After a couple of really heavy years, I needed to rest and recover.  

I finished 2019 with a nagging sense that I was going to experience big changes in my life and I would need to become clear and calm enough to face them.

Unfortunately, the path to realizing my 2020 chill goal was not sitting around the pool sipping Pina Coladas.  It was more like a huge inner and outer declutter, to find that chill means inner peace for me.

Finding inner peace has helped me to know exactly what I do want and what I don’t want.  It has shown me what brings me down and what lights me up. Inner peace has helped me deal with unbearable grief and find hope again.  It’s also helped me to rediscover meaningful work.

And that brings me to today, 7 December, as I think and feel into what 2021 holds.

I believe that 2021 is the Year of Making Me Happy.

Much like many of my friends and clients, I learned early in life that my job was to help others and make them happy.  I also learned that I had an obligation to make the world a better place.

I can look back on my achievements and feel really proud of what I have done, so far, with my time on earth.

But my time here is limited and I am going to spend the next half of my life enjoying this beautiful life. To quote a poem that has guided my life for as long as I can remember:  

“I will live deep and suck out all the marrow of life and not when I come to die, discover I have not lived.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I see at I had to first learn how to reduce the negative mental and emotional patterns that kept me blocked, unhappy and inauthentic*.

The unexpected gift of doing this work means that in 2021, I’ll be adding to that wisdom with new learnings, insights, and practices to generate joy, in a chilled way. 

Wherever happiness is I’ll be there.  If it’s at an ashram chanting, creating, and selling my newfound passion for maximalist art (check out the image) or dieting on high vibration foods, with an open mind and heart I’ll be there.  

Until next time, be chill and enjoy your precious life,

xo Andrea

P.S. * If you want to find and get rid of mental and emotional habits that are sabotaging your happiness and success, check out my Vibe Me Up Online Program.

P.S.S.   In 2021 I will be making my high vibe available as an A3-sized print.  I’m putting the finishing touches on my latest work, I call it “Outlook”
I’d like as many people as possible to have access to my art and wish to offer this on a sliding scale of $15 – $30 – $45. You can pay whatever matches your current needs and budget. 

Get in touch by email and I’ll send you my PayPal Me details and organize shipment.


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