A lesson about Chanel No 5 and open loops

Have you ever had the experience of a smell taking you right back to the past?

I was walking through the supermarket when I caught a waft of perfume that took me back 30 years. 

At the time, I was temping as a paralegal. My boss had a curated SBS voice and took delight in chastising us.

One of her favorite things to say was “A cluttered desk shows me you have a cluttered mind”.  

We silently questioned what her empty desk might indicate. She and her Chanel no 5 lingered, until order was restored our desks.

As much as I didn’t like my old boss – she was right that a cluttered mind is a problem.  

What creates mental clutter?

Open loops!

Open loops are the undone and unresolved things cluttering up the mental space in our heads.  In psychology, they are known as the “Zeigarnik effect” we remember all the things we have to do and that makes us feel overworked and stressed.

An open-loop gets created every time you give yourself a new task, take on a responsibility or commitment or add another thing to your to-do list.  

You intend to get them done, but until you do, they hang around in your mind and add to your mental load of what’s yet not done.

And just like a computer that slows down when too many programs and files are open at the same time, our minds can slow down when we have too many open loops.

It’s as if you’re walking around with loads of tabs open, never feel like you’ve got it handled and always feel like you’re falling behind. 

Even during the lockdown, I am finding ways to open new loops. I’m adding online yoga classes and webinars and getting my business prepared for the other side of this and quickly refilling my mental to-do.

It turns out that closing the loops isn’t as easy as opening them. 

I love personal development strategies.  (Especially the ones that get me out of heavy, low vibes like stress and into high vibes of feeling energized and joyful about my world).

When I can’t find one, I create one and I couldn’t find one to close loops.

But it can be done. It takes a bit of work, a big sheet of paper and a guided process to really get things handled.

Just like Marie Kondo taught us to spark joy by decluttering our clothes.  I created a checklist to close loops and declutter minds, so life becomes more joyful. With all that mental load off weary shoulders, it feels amazing!

I’d love to share my “closing your open loops” technique with you, in my upcoming free workshop: More Joy & Less Stress.

It’s one of 3 self-coaching techniques that I will be sharing and that will help you feel instant relief from all your stress, empower you to make the best choices you can and connect you with inner joy.

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