Horses and self-coaching out of fear

A few years ago I read an Arabic quote that said “pray to Allah but tie up your horses” it gave me a giggle as I thought about how I was taught to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”. And it turns out this pessimistic gem of advice is traced back to 46 BC.

Breaking out of worst case scenario thinking is hard. We’ve all experienced disappointment and hurt and never want to feel that way again.

It’s natural to want to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm but 99% of what we think might happen never does happen so that a whole lot of time and energy being wasted plus there’s the whole what you think about you attract thing going on. You do not want to your vibe to attract more drama to you.

Imagine if, we were taught to prepare for the best instead.

Instead of spending all that time worrying about what could go wrong, you can spend your time empowering yourself to handle anything that life throws at you.

Flip your worst-case scenarios into your best-case scenarios and glimpse just how powerful you are when you take control with this self-coaching process.

• What is really triggering my worry or fear?

• Is it 100% certain that my worry will lead to my conclusion?

• What else could possibly happen to change my conclusion?

• Who or what can help me get to what I want to feel instead?

• Now how do I feel about my worry or fear?


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