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Vibe Up Teams’ executive coaching and digital course can help you create a happy, productive and profitable environment for your team.
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Happier staff have 65% more energy, are 20% more productive and increase sales by 37%.



We teach the soft skills your employees need for a fantastic career with you

No matter how unique your business is, without good people doing great work together, you might as well be closed.

What’s often missing from companies that have engaged us for help are the soft skills – like joy, motivation, teamwork and purpose. When those same companies have a team of self-empowered employees, they succeed and prosper.

If your business is suffering from arguments, low productivity, absenteeism or poor results, we can help turn it around.

Create positive growth mindsets in your people

Think employee disengagement is expensive in your business?


Gallup estimates that businesses lose $70 Billion a year due to staff disengagement across Australia and NZ.

Often an unhappy working environment comes down to low-vibe attitudes and actions that keep perpetuating. By creating a growth mindset in your staff members, their fresh new skills will mean they’re able to deal with every challenge that comes their way.

Want a happy, productive, kick-ass team of staff? Then talk with us about our Vibe Up Teams program today.

Get an energised workforce who love what they do

Vibe Up Teams uses inspirational online micro-lessons combined with live coaching support for a big impact. It’s the easiest way to teach self-awareness and empowering attitudes in your workforce.

Here’s how it works -


  • Discover new coaching techniques you can use at work from every module
  • Have less ‘crisis management’ and more focussed staff
  • Get expert advice about your day-to-day challenges
  • Understand how to motivate and improve your team’s effectiveness, happiness and productivity – so they get things done and make you proud
  • Learn how to enjoy and relish challenges while setting big goals to achieve together
  • Most importantly, you'll enjoy less work-related stress and have increased wellbeing (which is what we all want, right?)


  • Learn the soft skills for dealing with challenges and problems in a positive way
  • Access to the Vibe Me Up online program: 11 methods to reduce stress and create more enjoyment and success in your life
  • Understand what self-empowering thoughts can drive your happiness and personal motivation
  • Talk with and get advice directly from our coaches on a weekly basis
  • Develop valuable skills in optimism, resilience and resourcefulness
  • Rebound after setbacks and challenges with a smile
  • Enjoy positivity and resilience at work, every day

Time for a positive growth mindset? Let’s get your team started today.


It’s all lead by our Executive Coach, Andrea Tunjic

With over 25 years’ experience in people management (HR, consulting, and strategy), Andrea provides a 360-degree perspective on the needs of business.

Having helped countless organisations in the public and private sectors to improve resilience, engagement, wellbeing and optimism, she can offer your team an innovative solution to performance and productivity.

You’ll be amazed at what Andrea and Vibe Up Academy can achieve for you.

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Andrea coaches with a mix of pragmatism and intuition

Andrea's knowledge of the "real world" and the varied situations she has faced have left Andrea with a myriad of tools to teach you how to tackle work and life dramas. Andrea brought a host of tools that helped me improve my performance as well as my handling of challenges, She challenges you to reach beyond your usual behaviours with sensitivity and grace, Andrea is insightful keenly curious about people, and a delight to work with.


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